Air Duct Cleaning (*)

A typical homes heating and cooling ducts accumulate dust, hair, skin, dander, bacteria, dust mites, fungi, mold, pollen, construction debris and much more, leading to air quality issues in the home. CCS recommends regular air duct maintenance to prevent issues that can develop over time. If the air ducts are not cleaned the air filters have to work harder which can cause damage to the entire heating and air conditioning system if left unchecked. Air duct cleaning helps prevent these issues and prolongs the life of your home comfort system.

With our state-of-the-art cleaning system, we can loosen these particles and remove them from your home through a dual HEPA filtered vacuum.

*Service not available at our Colorado branch

We clean the entire airflow system from the dryer lint screen and below the lint screen, then the flex hose and the entire vent system to the vent cap. We then go to the vent cap either on the side of the building or up to the roof.

Our proven cleaning system

thoroughly sweeps the entire vent system from the dryer to the exhaust vent hood, effectively removing lint buildup and allowing the dryer to operate at peak efficiency. Customers experience the immediate benefits of reduced drying time and energy savings, while receiving the long term benefits of reduced dryer damage and greatly reduced fire hazard.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

We perform a thorough sweeping of the firebox and venting system while keeping the inside of your home clean. We fully inspect the chimney and provide pictures at the customers request.  

  • Chimney Inspection/ Cleaning 

  • Chimney Caps

  • Chimney Relining

  • Damper & Handle Repair or Replacement

  • Crown Repair or Replacement

  • Flashing Repair

  • Re-tuck Mortar Joints

  • Water Proofing

  • Firebox Repair

  • Ash Pit Cleaning

  • Wood Stove Installation

  • Insert Removal or Installation

  • Problem Evaluations

Chimney Clean/ Repair



Serving the Kansas City Metro including Leavenworth, Wyandotte, Johnson Counties.

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Serving the Denver Metro and Front Range areas including Denver, Littleton, Morrison, Conifer, Evergreen, Pine, Bailey, Englewood, Golden, Genesee, Kittridge.

Justin Francis, Owner

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Maintaining a clean and efficient chimney and hearth doesn’t have to be a pain. In fact, at Chim-Chiminee Sweeps we are committed to making it as easy, affordable, and enjoyable as possible! If your system needs to be inspected and cleaned or you have an efficiency issue, we can help! We specialize in an array of chimney, fireplace, duct and masonry services and are experts in keeping chimneys and ducts clean, free of obstructions and buildup, and in great working condition for the safety and peace of mind your family deserves!


With over 50 years of combined experience, Chim-Chiminee Sweeps started in 1987 as an answer to the prayer of providing for a growing family of five children. The name, as you would guess, is derived from the famous Walt Disney movie ‘Mary Poppins’ starring the happy-go-lucky Dick VanDyke as the lead chimney sweep. Over the years we have earned our business with our knowledgeable ‘no-mess’ professional service and attire (and not by singing).


Integrity, Quality, and Expertise you can count on!